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About Me

Hi! I am Adam's sister Nicole - a freelance photographer and artist currently located in Austin. I have worked as an exhibit designer, forensic animator for the courtroom, developer of card games, and as a scientific illustrator/communicator on research ships. Most recently, I have worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist designing educational tools for children on the autism spectrum.


My passion lies in figuring out the best way to visually communicate complex topics with humor. I uses these same techniques with photography! I love capturing tender and candid moments between individuals, families, and friends. As an traditional 2d artist by trade, I use my camera to evoke interesting compositions, painterly backgrounds, and the warmth in each subject.

I also love that I get often get to work with my brother Adam as a Wedding Videographer/Photographer duo! The joy we get working together shines through to our clients during the wedding, helping to put everyone at ease and resulting in a beautiful day.


Adam and Phoenix

I had the pleasure of photographing my brother Adam and his son Phoenix for a surprise Mother's Day gift. I love the joy, innocence, and tenderness captured in these photos. This first one is my favorite - father and son looking off to the same side, ready to venture into the same journey.

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

The gallery below showcases photos taken from the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas. This was a great place to test out my new macro lens attachments. I love how buttery these lenses made the background look - some of these look like pastel paintings!

The ability to creep on these bugs was worth standing in the hot Texas heat and humidity too. I've never used macro lenses before but I had a lot of fun finding tiny spaces and making them look like giant martian landscapes.

These are some of my favorites so far - Enjoy!

Austin Aquarium

I call this series "Portraits of Doofus Fish." These were taken at the Austin Aquarium...which feels like a glorified pet shop stuck at the end of a shopping center... I quickly realized I wasn't going to get what I had anticipated. Most of the tanks had "the Nemo fish" in them. BUT - that's where improvising and adapting to the situation comes in handy.

Even with the quick moving creatures, I was able to capture a personality in each to create some delightful images.

Traditional Headshots

Stay connected!

You can follow my travels and exploration of art and science on my instagram @kurtoonz_studios.

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