Pizza delivery boy, Todd, goes to the wrong address. This wrong house hosts a barely alive woman chained to a wall by a lunatic by the name of Mable who just so happens to be full of one liners and satanic rituals. Mable summons a pair of minions he has risen from parts unknown, forcing Todd to bring a virgin back by midnight, or risk death.... or something far worse! Searching school yards, daycare, and Game Stop, he has no luck finding virgin blood. But Todd finds what he is looking for and regrets what he has done.

The Woman on the Wall-2015-run time-1:08:50

The Woman on the Wall Trailer-run time-1:17

The Woman on the Wall Release Party-run time-1:17

For a look at the making of The Woman on the Wall, including makeup, costume design, set design, bloopers and deleted scenes click on the Special FX page.


Escaped serial killer Jerry the "madman" Henderson is terrorizing the citizens of Firestone Park. Detective Joe Carman is leading a search that ends at the doorstep of Vincent Burns, a retired war veteran that is trapped in his own personal jail cell. After it is reported that the "madman" is in the neighborhood, Vincent prepares for the worst. He has one objective to stay alive.

Don't Open the Door-2010-run time-20:01


Steve Jenkins gets a secret recipe to resurrect his dead grandfather, but what he resurrects from the grave is not the loving old man he remembered. His walking dead grandfather has no recollection of his former life. All he is left with is a primitive urge to kill. Innocent people enjoying their day, watching birds, heading to a party, and hunting in the woods, are ripped to pieces by the hands of the blood thirsty zombie. Steve relises that what he has pulled from the grave is not his Grandfather. The only thing left to do, is return him to his grave for good.

Grave-2010-run time-20:22


A man wakes up with a severe hangover.He cant remember what transpired the previous night, after talking to friends he cant help but think that something bad happened. When he cant get a hold of his girlfriend his thoughts turn from bad to horrifying.


Rage Moonshine-2009-run time-16:59


A man fights his inner demons in order to keep his sanity.


Demons be Driven-2008-run time-6:18


The story follows a group of friends on Christmas eve. They beat up a homeless man, and steel his drugs. As they hallucinate and watch horror movies, the movie villains come to life. They can not tell what is reality and what is in there minds. It ends with a fist fight with a homeless man dressed as Santa Clause at a playground.

The first movie I made. I filmed it with a small 8mm video camera. Edited it together using 2 vcr's hooked together. To add music I would film the TV, and play music on my cd player. 


Black Christmas Massacre-2003-run time-1:38:07