I have drawn over 20 characters for different animations using Adobe Illustrator. I decided to do a screen grab video of me drawing Mario. It is sped up, but it demonstrates how many different lines, and adjustments are needed to draw one character.

Drawing Mario-2017-run time-4:56

Steven Seagulls Human Safari

Inspired by an nature documentaries, Steven Seagulls Human Safari follows Steven Seagull as he examines humans at the beach. It is narrated by the bird as he fly's around the shore line giving his fellow animal viewers an inside view at humans at the beach.

Steven Seagulls Human Safari-2016-run time-2:03


This is a short story about a fan of the Cleveland Brown's, who gives up on the team. The story is "A Christmas Carol" theme, as he is visited by 3 animated characters (Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar, and Johnny Manziel) . They take him back in time to 1964, when the Brown's won there last championship, show him selling all his Brown's cloths present day, and then reveal his future. 

There's Always Next Year-2016-run time-17:24

There's Always Next Year Trailer-run time-00:56

J'Vonta's Bike

J'Vonta's Bike is a stop motion mixed with computer animation. It is a recap of a day at my old job as a landscaper. A neighborhood kid would come and bother us everyday, and I recap an incident with the juvenile bully.

J'Vonta's Bike-2010-run time-2:18

Tom Lighthead

Show me the Way Home

Tom and Ridley catch a ride with Two Tooth. When Two Tooth sees his lost love Lesly Chicken running down the street he drives them all into a hole in the road. They are sneezed out into a world of giants, they must try to survive and find a way to return home

Show me the Way Home-2010-run time-16:31

Tom Lighthead

The Great Outdoors

The Boss takes Tom and Ridley out of the office and into the woods, For a weekend of relaxation and hunting, and stumble across one of Americas unsolved mysteries.

The Great Outdoors-2008-run time-7:13

The Adventures of

Tom Lighthead

The Adventures of Tom Lighthead was one of the first projects I worked on. It follows Tom Lighthead, his co worker Ridley, hill billy neighbor Two Tooth, and angry boss. The animation is limited, and since I didn't understand how to render back then, the quality is horrible, but it shows how far I have come, and it has some funny moments...

The Adventures of Tom Lighthead EPS 1-2007-run time-7:20

The Adventures of Tom Lighthead EPS 2-2007-run time-7:55

The Adventures of Tom Lighthead EPS 3-2008-run time-7:17