The following 3 videos demonstrate the green screen studio I have built in my garage. The first is a quick tour, the second and third is a basic before and after of a green screen video.


I have been learning as I go. Special effects, especially pratical fX are tricky. To make matters worse, if you mess up, not only did you just waste time, but money. There is no second chance using these materials. The following video is a face cast I was trying to make for the movie The Woman on the Wall.

The making of

The Woman on the Wall

The following video is a 30 minute look at the making of The Woman on the Wall. I test out different FX, some work, some do not. Show me building the set, making a mallet, and creating the costumes for the movie.

Bloopers and Outtakes

The Woman on the Wall

The following video is a collection of bloopers and deleted scenes from The Woman on the Wall. 

Learning as I go

I have learned a lot by messing around in the garage. Some things have worked, and most of the time I have to go to plan B or C. I am working on a web series where I will document my trials with special FX. The hope is eventually I will get it, and the videos can be used as a tutorial, but if nothing else I can document what works and what doesn't and grow from there. I am attending Monsterpalooza in LA in April. I will meet special FX legends, and new comers. Get tips, and make a shopping list of supplies.